This New Device Is Providing Americans With FREE TV. Say Goodbye To Expensive Cable Bills.

Mason Thibault | Contributor


If you could stop paying for cable or satellite TV and still get all of your favorite channels in HD for FREE, would you do it?


Most people today don’t realize that you can get HD television broadcasts 100% free, according to a survey by an industry association. The new LiveWave device taps into raw power of home wiring. It takes only a minute to install and is 100% safe. Plug it into any electrical outlet and it instantly changes your house wires into a GIANT TV ANTENNA that can be thousands of feet long.

Instantly you’ll get reception on all area channels. SHARP, CRISP HD STATIONS, and also SD stations depending on your location. No tools or technical knowledge needed. Just plug LIVEWAVE into any electrical outlet and it’s ready to go! Connect it with the provided cable to your TV set. It’s genius!

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