Wisconsin Fans Should Be Ashamed For Storming The Court After Beating Michigan

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

I’ve been sick to my stomach ever since Wisconsin beat Michigan Saturday afternoon.

As you all already know, I might be the biggest Wisconsin fan on the planet, and I hold my guys to the highest standards of excellence. That’s what being a Wisconsin man is all about.

It’s also why I never doubted that the Badgers would beat the Wolverines yesterday. I knew it from the moment I got out of bed. (RELATED: Wisconsin Beats Previously Undefeated Michigan)

As I sat in a bar watching, I didn’t cheer in excitement as the clock ticked down. I don’t celebrate things I expect to happen. I expected to beat Michigan, and that’s exactly why my guys did.

What happened afterwards made me want to vomit. I watched in utter shock as the fans stormed the court. I was horrified at what I was seeing. I honestly couldn’t believe it.

We’re Wisconsin. We don’t storm the court after beating anybody. Court storming should be reserved for national titles or when a junk program that nobody’s ever heard of pulls of a win over a top five team.

My guys have been to multiple Final Fours and have won a Big Ten title and a conference tournament in recent years.

There is no excuse to ever step onto the court after a win at home. There simply isn’t.

You know what yesterday was? It was projecting to the world that expectations have fallen in Madison. Now, beating Michigan is apparently a reason to celebrate. I’m disgusted, frustrated and incredibly embarrassed for my school.

As somebody told me on the phone late last night, this garbage can’t fly. I was hoping that I’d calm down after a night of rest, but I’ve only grown angrier.

Back in my day, we expected excellence at all times, and we didn’t celebrate. That’s just what my generation did when we dug into the trenches.

Now, everybody needs to feel special and celebrate all the time. Wisconsin, we’re better than this, or at least I thought we were.

Shame on everybody who endorsed this type of behavior and shame on everybody who participated. Be better. Be much better.