‘Believe All Women!’ — Trump Jr., Other Conservatives React To Avenatti Arrest

Scott Morefield | Reporter

As quickly as the news of celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti’s Wednesday arrest for alleged felony domestic violence hit the internet, conservatives took to Twitter to react to what they viewed as an obvious double standard.

Donald Trump Jr. led reactions with a simple link to the original TMZ story along with a wry reference to “Democratic Presidential Candidate Michael Avenatti.”

Conservatives of all stripes latched onto Avenatti’s own seeming admonition during the Kavanaugh hearings that any accuser, especially that of his client Julia Swetnick, should be believed regardless of evidence. As it turns out, a mantra of “Believe All Women” might not be so convenient when it’s yourself who is charged. (RELATED: Avenatti Takes Aim At Grassley, Hits Feinstein By Mistake)

Even liberal actress and activist Alyssa Milano condemned Avenatti’s alleged actions as “totally disgusting,” tweeting on Wednesday that she is “disavowing Avenatti.”

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