Dem Rep Ups Kavanaugh Allegation To Rape — CNN Fails To Offer Correction

Virginia Kruta | Associate Editor

CNN failed to issue an on-the-spot correction Friday when Washington, D.C., Democratic Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton claimed that Christine Blasey Ford was raped by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.


Holmes Norton, appearing on CNN Newsroom, was responding to a tweet from President Donald Trump that questioned why Ford had not reported the alleged crime at the time it occurred.

Holmes Norton opened with a joke, saying, “I want to congratulate the White House staff for keeping the president under wraps as long as they have … ”

But then, explaining why she believed that Trump’s tweet was bad for Republicans, she added, “The last thing you want to do is to attack a woman who, at 15-years-old, didn’t report that she had been raped.”

Anchor Kate Bolduan’s eyebrows raised at that, but she remained silent as Holmes Norton carried on, saying, “He is spoiling everything for what the Republicans are carefully trying to do now in the Senate.”

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