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Intern Who Shouted F**k You At Prez Has No Regrets


Congressional intern Caitlin Marriott is still proud of herself.

Back in June, the honey badger of a young woman shouted at President Trump in the Capitol Rotunda with a popular four-letter word: “Fuck you,” she told the president as he walked by. Her anger stemmed from Trump’s stringent border policy.

Marriott’s act, which has been called “brave,” got her a mere slap on the wrist from her boss, Sen. Maggie Hasson (D-New Hampshire), who suspended the 21-year-old for one week.

In an exclusive interview, Cosmopolitan Mag spoke with her only to find out that Marriott regrets nothing.

She reasoned that she fielded phone calls from border mothers who “sobbed” on the phone.

“I know I didn’t necessarily go about it in the most eloquent way, but I definitely don’t regret what I did,” she told the women’s mag.

Marriott insists she wasn’t looking for attention.

“It was completely spontaneous,” she said. “I had no idea he would be in the Capitol until literally right before it happened. I had a few minutes to think about it and I assumed I would get fired for doing it, but I figured it was worth it. I think a lot of people think I did it for attention. But I honestly didn’t think that anyone would be recording.”

As a result of her verbal attack on the president, Marriott has had to make her social media platforms private.

Marriott’s future isn’t immediately in the halls of Congress after college.

“After graduation I’m really hoping to get into the Peace Corps and go from there,” she said.