NHL Team Makes SHOCKING Roster Move At Goalie

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

The Phoenix Coyotes signed 31-year-old bank manager Nathan Schoenfeld as a backup goalie Monday night.

The regular backup Anders Lindback suffered an off-ice injury only hours before the game against the Montreal Canadians, and the Coyotes had no choice but to reach out to Schoenfeld, according to Deadspin(SLIDESHOW: This NHL Player’s Girlfriend Is A Sexy Model Almost Too Hot To Handle)

Schoenfeld was in the middle of bathing his two children when he got the text message asking if he could suit up for the NHL game. (VIDEO: Minor League Goalie Makes Absolutely INSANE Save)

Schoenfeld wasn’t called on to enter the game which is probably a good thing because he hasn’t played a competitive game of hockey since 2006 for the Arizona State club team according to AZ Central. (VIDEO: Celebrate The Two-Year Anniversary Of TJ Oshie’s Olympic Heroics Against Russia)

The bank manager received $500 and will get to keep his game jersey from the special night. (VIDEO: Massive Hit Sparks Huge NHL Fight)

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