Married, PREGNANT 26-Year-Old Teacher Victimized 16-Year-Old Male With Sex, Cops Say

Education | Eric Owens
WJXT screenshot, YouTube screenshot/Trends TV, WJXT screenshot

America's young, attractive female English teachers strike again!

Emails: Hillary Cheered Transfer Of Gitmo Detainee Who Killed American Soldier With Grenade

US | Chuck Ross
Hillary Clinton speaks at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Des Moines, Iowa

'Thank you for all you did'

Jeb Bush Drops Huge Hint On Who He Would Pick For VP

Politics | Alex Pappas
Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks at the Growth and Opportunity Party at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa

'Did I say that out loud?'

14 Celebrities Who Think Tights Count As Pants [SLIDESHOW]

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

These stars aren't embarrassed to show it all


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Freelance Writer
It’s time to move the candle around, and take a closer look at what is happening right in front of us.
Photo of Christopher Dale
Freelance Writer
The President is wrong to dismiss the use of ground troops, and it may become the worst mistake of his presidency.
Photo of Lloyd Billingsley
Policy Fellow, Independent Institute
Dalton Trumbo wasn't a hero, he was a bona-fide communist.
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Go forth and thrive in your years at SSU, where you are free to be the you that we want you to be!
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Why today’s so-called struggles in no way mimic the sacrifices of the Civil Rights Movement
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Shillman Senior Fellow, Investigative Project on Terrorism
The espionage community has the weakest protections for responsible whistleblowers of any agency.
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Former INS Special Agent
Politicians from both the Democratic and Republican parties still refuse to use effective immigration law enforcement
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'Noonan’s deftness with difficult subjects is virtuosic.'
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“If you want to be loved,” Cheney said, “you got to go be a movie actor.”
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Former Assistant Secretary of State
This lack of accountability greatly aggravates the threat to our liberty.